Идея№ покер на деньги онлайн с выводом денег на айфон Mini Assassination

Ответить Ggdgyvrrgv, 18 марта в После обновления не показывает какое количество людей уже сидит в турнире, а в нокаутах не показывает призовые места Ответить Breakthru82, 18 марта в Всех конкурентов в рф закрыли, алгоритмы заточили на рейк, стоит только начать выигрывать и вывести часть средств, как начинается мошенническая игра.

Список покер-румов на IOS: айпад и айфон

Дебильная кнопка занять место. Важно, чтобы в памяти устройства было свободное место для приложения и обновлений! Достоинства мобильного покера очевидны — он доступен в любое время и в любом месте, ведь покеры на деньги онлайн с выводом денег на айфон или планшеты, зачастую, всегда под рукой. Также не может быть таких действий игроков! Поэтому, для создания полноценного счета и игры на реальные деньги необходимо сделать сдледующее: скачайте обычную программу покер клиента с сайта PokerStars установите ее на обычный компьютер зарегистрируйтесь, создав новый аккаунт можно использовать наш код psp для привязки к сайту можно сделать депозит для возможности игры на реальные деньги.

До Технической поддержки не дописался! Зайдя заново через 30 секунд, в турнир я зайти не смог. Мобильный покерный клуб mobilepokerclub. Из шести последних АА 4 покера на деньги онлайн с выводом денег на айфон и КК 2 раза — 0 выигрышей. Самые популярные покерные комнаты разработали программное обеспечение для устройств с iOS, вложив в него максимальную функциональность, под стать высокому уровню смартфонов и планшетов от ведущего мирового бренда.

Если вы только перешли на старс скачали его и думаете стоит поиграть или нет, то даже не думайте, бегите отсюда, все деньги сдерут с. Создайте счет на реальные деньги используя стационарный компьютер. Ответить Tonijke, 18 декабря в Странно, что покер руму мало комиссионки, действительно играют боты, не возможно выиграть с лучшей картой. Игры и состязания проходят по Техасскому Холдему на микро, низких и средних лимитах.

Операционка iOS. Ответить Neytpoh, 18 декабря в Ребят всем привет присоединяюсь ко всем негативным отзывам о них, тупо кидалого бот на боте, вот раньше был на PK Full tilt poker было классно и был интерес играть, а что щас?

UPD: после этого решил все таки ещё закинуть немного кэша. Но есть некоторые особенности.

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  1. TWO videos today! If you missed the first one with Sergio Garcia, check it out here:

    And come back tomorrow for the $25,000 High-Roller SCOOP, which Ill be live streaming right here on YouTube. Cards go in the air at 10am PST.

    • Hello good day doug i have a question i have been trying to play online poker for over a year and cant find anyway to fund my account to start my visa card does not allow gambling deposits is their anyway you can help me to fund my account i have a skrill account and i have the money but no way to get it on if i send the money to you via Western Union or something can you fund my account plz i really love poker and want to pursue it in a professional fashion plz reply i am desperate i constantly try different ways to fund the account but not ever seems to work in my country

    • How did you win that hand against the guy who had a pair of 4s and you had a A J?? You had nothing and he had a 2 pair.

    • What if you lose money, does the winner have to pay you 5%of your losses?

    • Doug Polk Poker You run good. Can you teach me how to run as well as you do?

  2. Sosi hui pokerstars affiliated pidaras. PS is rigged everybody knows this shit.

  3. What exactly is running it twice and why is that happening and when is that happening

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  5. 5:28 — You are a dog at 43% equity to 56%. One lucky mo fo to hit both runouts.

  6. What if you win the first flop, turn, river but lose the 2nd, its just a push?

  7. Can someone please explain to me why he won when he only had an Ace high at 02:23? The other guy had a pair!!!!!!


  9. hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about beginner poker mistakes try Giizabauth Greenback Generator (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.

    • @UFOJo974 oooh I see brother thank u very much they both now have two pair of 8 and 10 and he has high card Ace ryt

    • People often forget that the point in poker is to make the best hand with 5 cards, total.

      So at the turn hes behind. But at the river its a different story. At that point both players have a pair of 8s and a pair of 10s. The pocket pair of 4s becomes worthless since, again, the whole point is to make the best hand with 5 cards only. Which gives:

      Doug: TT88A
      Other guy: TT887

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  13. Hello everybody.
    I am a pokerstars player for a long long time and I have a great experience in online poker, particularly Sit&Go games and tournaments. I will abstain myself from detailed description of my gaming style, period and everything that could help to determine who am I. I am going to spread this message in every poker forum, just to talk to the people who arent yet decided to make online poker a part of their life.

    I have red books, articles, forums, watched much videos, video lessons that purely describes every situation in poker, learned a lot of strategies for each game type, that are different depending on game speed, tournament stage (especially if you join tournament at your late registration), number of participants at the table where you acting, blind size, position etc. Ive participated at discussions at many online poker forums. I saw many disappointed people (truly, 98% of all online poker players) and a couple of freaks who were rejoicing posting their results of the only tournament they have occasionally won in near past. And, guess what I have understood? — All this time is spent in vain. SO MUCH HOURS OF MY LIFE! I dont saying this learnt material is bad. It is good as experience. Learned strategies works fine, BUT ONLY FOR OFFLINE TOURNAMENTS. Later you will know why. This small article is a conclusion that has been accumulated during last 10 years.

    About online poker. Main question everybody asks after a bad beat- is the online poker rigged?, is there a possibility to play versus a bot with pre-defined outcome?. Guys, I really dont want to disappoint you. The answer is more yes than no. This situation can have place. First of all, let us remember that the online poker is a money making machine. If youve just minded that I am probably talking about possibility to earn and make money by depositing and playing at the tables as a client — you are silly. Every poker room is dreaming about a possibility to make players playing for 0 income. Yes, just wagering the money around tables making profit for the room, known as rake. Unfortunately for poker rooms, this cannot be achieved so simply. There must be a strategy and a huge work put on it. Poker rooms must attract people (pleasant software, good promotions, high payments (digits) for first place etc. (you know, all these tournaments marked as Big, Bigger, Hot, Hotter, Special and so on..), pretending there are unlimited opportunities to make money, reward programme etc.). Poker rooms must admit and allow that there are losers and also winners, deposits and withdrawals. However, keeping the flow of new attracted clients is vitally important but not an easy thing, thats why there are fishes (players with bad experience) who sometimes just have to win and a sharks (experts) who sometimes have to lose playing versus a fishy player. The balance can only be kept artificially, making adjustments in every field (you should decide yourself what I mean). The down streak of an experienced player is always described as RNG (sorry man, unluck — random number generator), with additional wording — this is a poker, sorry, bad luck today etc. However, the real math statistic shows that there is something wrong with RNG. For example, we never will prove something relevant or understand why online poker have x5 times more bad beat possibility than the offline. For example, when a player loses all his bankroll of $100 by playing 20 tournaments for $5. Everywhere when a definitive situations comes there is a trap. Be ready to go all-in with KK or AA and lose.

    For example:
    1) heavy bad beat at pre-bubble, or close to bubble stage;
    2) the same at final table where, being a chip leader among all players you suddenly lose 70% of your stack with preflop AA all-in and become a shortest stack at the table, consequently, due to the blind size, when BB (big blind) is approaching you probably will be happy to get unsuited AK or suited KQ on hand to take a risk putting all-in on preflop. I call it justified risk. And YOU WILL LOSE, to something just like JT suited, small pocket pair etc.

    Remember that PS is interested in RAKE MAKING, thats why Artificial intelligence will analyze the range of amount when you possibly can decide to request withdrawal. It let you play and win till that sum of money or a bit more. For example, if $50-$150 is a case for requesting withdrawal, then you probably never will take a 1st place in the tournament where you can receive $150 or more. PS makes you deposit not only money but also YOUR TIME TO WORK FOR THEM. Lets have a reverse look. Imagine you had no wins long period of time. You decided to put your All-in on the preflop versus someone who make easy call with AA, but you beat him with your 9K unsuited. That CAN MEAN this player is a sacred victim (here is connected logic with next chest of text) who lose because of poker room wants to rise up your mood and keep you attracted with a game process, knowing you will produce more and more rake.
    In case you made a good withdrawal, for example, you decided to withdraw more than 30% (I presume) of your bank — you are in the list of candidates for suffering next badbeats at the tables.

    Examples. You will lose at:
    Situation 1) All-in with AA on pre-flop (experienced players know that KK or QQ sometimes should be flopped first, depending on situation, and not always worth for pre-flop all-in)
    Situation 2) All-in with a set (for example, 33 on hand after a flop 2 3 4 (no flush draw), when you lose to Ax (x — any blank card) because of 5 which arrives to the turn or river (quite normal situation, when it is not happening twice per hour.)
    Situation 3) AK on hand with flop A K x (x is any blank card) vs player with A9 on hand when at showdown turn and river brings two more 9;
    situation 4) All-in with 78 on hand after the flop 4 5 6, vs hand 99, when suddenly 7 and 8 arrives for the turn and river accordingly. You are shocked but still alive 🙂
    Situation 5) Despite there is only three suited cards at the desk, 2 or even 3! of your opponents at showdown shows flush. One of them is stronger than yours, for sure.

    Not so important, practice shows there is a lot of idiots who squeeze their own balls and go all-in at later stages of tournament with A3 or KT (suited or unsuited) or even with such poor hands as 79, J5 suited or unsuited and something relevant — vs any of your strong pocket pair — JJ and higher. Sometimes it is made just to try to steal the pot, but occasionally shit card arrives and they got the pot (unfortunately, if you performed withdrawal, this percentage can be more than 50% of cases) and you lose, getting flame messages and laughs saying you are the greatest fish (ha-ha-ha and so on..).
    Remember: every hand will turn into your lose, for the favor of one, who is making more rake for the room.

    Conclusion: No, I dont insist. You can still play online poker tournaments, Sunday millions, etc…, if you really do enjoy the game with your rare winnings. But take care of your time, take care of your money, because time is money. You pay twice. And even triple if we count processor time of your PC, which is loaded with PS processes and threads (do you still believe that these processes only tasked to make your game more comfortable?). If you are dependent player, either it takes a lot of time or money to lose, then I would like to advice you to write to the poker room support team to decrease your deposit limits per week. The best would be to decrease them to minimum. Than you cannot reverse it, but after some time (maybe years), you will understand, you made a smart step! By this, you control your gambling. All you can loose is your deposit and lifetime. But…. sometimes really a lot of lifetime, priceless lifetime of your ONLY life in this world, when you could do something else. But probably youve choose to play poker, arent you? :)) Than had a couple of wins, than 6 loses in a row, than 1 win, than 7 loses in a row, and finally arrived to 0 thinking of next deposit. Hope you got THE MESSAGE. Bye.

    P.S. If you like this article, kindly disseminate where you deem it possible 🙂

  14. Great upload! Im an online winning poker player myself, check out the uploads on my channel.

  15. I once watched a Doug Polk video, went away, got married, had 4 kids and when I came back Doug was still talking

  16. NIce.. Just won a little something at cashplayworld.com. Good night so far

  17. Ngl streaming poker is pretty flawed because someone can easily watch your stream if their on the same table as you

  18. Hello Doug, I like your vids, you recomend spending some time in cash games but what about the comissions the poker rooms take on every hand on cash games ? I spent some time playing cash and I was up in money but due to comissions I actually Lost money, it´s too expensive, at least in Pokerstars. Thanks for your advise. Ill appreciate it.

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  20. This dude looks like a zombie… Whats up guys… come on… no women? Plus with a voice like this talking should be the last thing you are doing at the table, or on a video. Peace.

    • The better combination of 5 cards out of the 7 wins. There are already 2 pairs on the table and both are higher than the opponents little pair. The deciding factor was the last fifth card, which was the Ace.




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  25. Kinda predictable every time he has a good hand he raises 210 $ and then goes all in . Easy to read



  27. Wtf?? At 2:24 why did he win?? The other guy had a pair of 4 and he had nothing but he won the pot. Why???


  29. I want to know for these highlights how long was spent on the table….

  30. Just lost $20 bucks in about an hour. No big deal, and it was my fault. Usually though, I lose to bad beats way too often.
    So, guy had most money at te table and was bullying everyone out of hands. I called him, and of course he has trip 6s to my two pair. But, it was a legit loss. He had trips on flop, while I had two pair off flop.
    You really cant trust online poker, even if I did win $550 off of free-rolls nearly 15 years ago on Christmas.

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